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Title: As mentioned, RPM on fixing my carbs.
Post by: ryanschoebel on July 27, 2018, 05:30:23 PM
So, as I'm sure 95% of everyone on here already knows, RPM is good at what they do. But i gotta give credit where credit is due. I recently had a hanging idle, among various other issues, and figured to came down to dirty carbs. After getting another vote on that, and then balking at my skill level when I read the carb files, i sent them to RPM for a good thorough cleaning. And let me tell you, it was a trip.

First, as soon as Robert got the carbs open, he saw that someone had previously rebuilt the carbs, and not in a good way. "  Whoever rebuilt these carbs did not know what they were doing and simply replaced the diaphragms with the later model 1200 slides or your bike was one of the late model 1100s with the 1200 slides in them." With that in mind, we decided to keep on track, and just clean them, and replace any absolutely needed parts, as i thought they were working fine. (pro-tip,they weren't). They were absolutely professional, and willing to work with whatever I needed to do. "I will build them however you would like. However, this set of carburetors will not run to our standards as they are and will never get there until repaired.

Next, once Robert had actually opened the carbs up, he found even more problems, this time not able to be fixed by a cleaning. "Two of the slides look like they have been ground on removing the "anti-stick" coating they have on them. (Whoever built them probably dropped them and tried to grind off the damage without knowing about the "anti-stick" coating on the slides) One of the diaphragms actually has a hole in it, again not your average wear hole but it looks like it got dropped and the edge of the slide cut the rubber. All 4 have been drilled out and ruined, 2 of the 4 have the problems above. The problem with replacing 2 of the 4 is; now 2 cylinders will have the same vacuum and 2 cylinders will have a different vacuum because of the hole size difference. This hole  in the diaphragm is part of the problem  and the slides sticking wide open instead of returning to fully closed could also attribute to your problems."

Still, he laid out all the options with me, he put up with some very dumb questions from me, and gave me all the options one could hope for. He dealt with my not understanding, "Again, these carbs are screwed up. What ran "fine" for you was probably not anything close to where they should be. If they ran "fine" for you, I can build them with the carb kits only and leave the diaphragms as they are (i would not ever do this on any of my personal bikes...)", and was super cool about it all.

Once I finally saw sense, and they did a full rebuild, I understand what he was saying now. The bike runs beautifully, better than ever before. Honestly, its night and day from what i thought was "right" and what actually was RIGHT. I basically have new carbs(but not quite), and im glad for Robert taking the time to explain it all, and for the great work that they did. This is the second time i have shipped something to them to have them fixed, and while the initial product probably makes them puke a little bit when they see it, after they finish, it is damn near perfect, bar none. Two great experiences, and im sure more to come.

Pictures from my carbs attached.