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Title: Choke knob alternative
Post by: aviationfred on July 11, 2019, 05:51:40 PM
Awhile ago I had the choke knob screw back out while riding and the choke knob departed.  :dash2:
No worries I thought, I have a couple of extras at home. Once home, I grabbed one of the spare knobs and fixed the problem. The problem was not fully resolved. I am not sure if it is a difference between the 89 and 95, or a difference between a USA spec FJ and the European/Australian spec FJ's, but the choke knob went on upside down.

On my 89, the choke cable mounted in a way that the screw for the choke knob was on the fuel tank side. On my 95, the cable is mounted to where the screw is on the outboard side.

As many know, the FJ1200 parts breakdown does not offer the screw or the knob as a separate option. I could have ordered a 1986 FZ750 choke knob, but I was uncertain of the orientation of the lettering.

I found an alternative that does not matter which side the screw mount from.