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Title: A Sure Deal Down The Drain
Post by: PaulG on July 15, 2020, 03:46:16 PM
Saturday July 4th, 4:30am at work, I come across this ad on Facebook for a 1999 BMW R1100RT ( from Apex Cycle in Cambridge, Ontario.  Only 60,000km (36,000mi) and asking about $6000 CAN.  Well that's interesting I thought.  I txt'd with my older brother (who used to work for BMW CAN) and he thought it was worth checking out.  After work I showed it to the wife "Oooohhh!! I'd go for a ride with you on that!  I'll pay half!"  :shok: WHAT?:shok:  (She doesn't like my FJ anymore  :cray: but I looked at it as an opportunity to spend some time mending/upgrading the FJ).    So I call them that morning and arrange to see it on Tues the 7th before the wind changes direction and she changes her mind.  I call them again on Mon 6th afternoon to make sure...

"The battery was dead and won't hold a charge. We'll have to order a new one which will take a few days."  ❌  Ok things happen (though you'd think they would have the bike prepped for sale), so I re-arranged it for today (Wed 15th). Called the sales guy last Fri to confirm. He said it would be ready - but he was going on vac'n and a 2nd guy will be there for me, just call him on Mon. So I call #2 on Monday and re-confirm everything for today. Said we'd be there noonish, got their 1130 cuz traffic was ok during the 100km (60mi) trip.

Wait around... talk to #2... he gets the bike out.  I used to own a 97 1100GS so I'm familiar with the basic bike.  I do an initial vusual inspection, (tires 8yrs old - left integral mirror housing cracked from being dropped). Just means a better deal for me I think... so just have to take it for a spin. He puts in the key - no battery. ❌❌ "Oh I'll get them to put it in right now..." 20min later.... 'Well it'll be another 45min..." I give them an hour. Still not done.

I begin to lose it - I can feel my BP rising.. it's 1:15pm by now.   "I've arranged this for the past 2 wks, and it's still taking another 2hrs to install a battery. WHY?!" #2 says -" uhhm-uhhh..."  I ask, "Who runs this place? Can I talk to him?"

The manager comes out and I explain the situation. "Yeah I'm sorry about this blah blah blah - let me check"..... "Can you wait another 20min?" ❌❌❌ My voice begins to rise to the 8pt Small Caps Bold level   :mad:  "AGAIN THIS HAS BEEN ARRANGED OVER THE LAST 2 WEEKS. YOU KNEW I WAS COMING ALL THE WAY FROM SCARBOROUGH. HOW DOES IT TAKE ANOTHER 2 HOURS TO INSTALL A BATTERY??!!!" "Oh it was on the schedule but they didn't have time - we've been real busy - (and the kicker) they had to take a side panel off - but - but - but -"  "ONCE AGAIN YOU HAD TWO WEEKS!! YOU KNOW WHAT? I'M NOT IN A VERY GOOD MOOD FOR TEST RIDING A MOTORCYCLE RIGHT NOW."   "Yes I understand and I'm sorry this happened. We wouldn't want you to ride it angry also. Would you like to rearra-------   GOODBYE. 30 yrs of riding a bike and I've never come across such incompetence and indifference.

Was I too short with them?  I don't think so. They are a KTM/Yamaha/Honda/Indian dealer.  It was a trade in, so you'd think they'd want to unload it ASAP. Two weeks to get a battery installed?  WTF is that??!!  :ireful:

Rant over.  Everything's fine now.  :drinks:

Title: Re: A Sure Deal Down The Drain
Post by: TexasDave on July 15, 2020, 04:29:56 PM
Don't blame you for walking away. They had plenty of notice you were coming and get the prep done on the bike. Very bad customer service.

A few years ago my Dad found a new car at a large Dodge dealership. He wrote them a check and told them to call when the car was ready for pickup. Two weeks later they called. Dad was kept waiting over an hour and asked what the delay was. They told him they had to see if his check would clear. He told them they had two weeks to see if it would clear. He got his check back and bought a car at a different dealership.