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Title: 93 ABS steel braided lines
Post by: Paul.1478 on August 09, 2020, 04:33:28 PM
So I have my real FJR master cylinder and it is rebuild.
Have my blue spot calipers all rebuilt and I also picked up from a PO a set of RPM steel braided lines.
There are 3 lines that look to be for the ABS. How can I bleed these lines?
I think I would really like to just complete bypass the ABS but not sure what is involved.
just put a 17x 3.5 GSRR rim so no ABS anyway.

Any comments/ guidance would be great before I F this up.


Title: Re: 93 ABS steel braided lines
Post by: Paul.1478 on September 14, 2020, 12:17:51 PM
My FJ is for the first since i have owned it completed.
Blue spot calipers and FJR MC rebuilt and installed with new lines from RPM, i just removed all the ABS lines and went with 2 from the MC to the calipers and directly from the rear MC to caliper with new line.
new oil pan gasket to fix my last oil drip (I hope)
spin on filter while i was down there anyway from RPM
and GSXR 750 17 inch rim, new sprockets and chain (18-38)
Also a new rear shock from Hagon, I waited about a year from RPM to get them back and now I see they have them.
200 mile test ride and all seems to be holding together.

to me the biggest difference by far was the front brakes. I thought they were good before but now, well most of you guys know.

Big thanks to RPM be being around for these parts and advise and this form. Great resources.

Title: Re: 93 ABS steel braided lines
Post by: Pat Conlon on September 14, 2020, 01:20:30 PM
I agree with you.
8 years ago, I did some stop distance tests between a stock FJ ABS and a modified FJ non ABS.
The tests were done in dry conditions.
I consistently stopped in a shorter distance with modified non ABS.
I tested at distances at 30-60 and 80 mph speeds.

The stock abs had the stock lines and oem brake pads. The ABS was fully functional.
The modified system had R-1 calipers, HH brake pads, Spiegler lines, FZ-1 master cylinder (14mm)

Again, this was under dry conditions.

With a wet road, I am sure the ABS would be better.