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Title: Sign up list for FJ Owners Tool Rentals. Post your request here.
Post by: Pat Conlon on April 20, 2013, 12:39:34 PM
This topic is created for a place where folks can sign up for rental of the tools offered by RPM.

This rental service is only offered to Bronze, Silver or Gold Contributing members of the FJ Owners Forum.
Due to the various customs and importing restrictions, rules and fees, these rentals are shipped only to the 48 state continental USA only.
 See the links at the bottom of this post for the full Terms and Conditions. Please read those conditions before you sign up.
Description: Tools offered for rental are:

1) Shim kit, for all years FJ1100/1200
Remember: A tight valve on a cold engine is an open valve on a hot engine. Yamaha recommends that you check the valve shim clearances on the FJ every 12,000 miles and adjust the shims as needed. This is a complete kit (not including valve cover gasket or valve cover bolt grommets) which has an assortment of 95 shims of various sizes, bucket hold down tool, magnet and full instructions needed to do this service. You can now do this service in one afternoon. No longer do you have to interrupt your work to go down to the dealer and swap shims for the size you need, hoping they have the shim size you need in stock. Every size shim that you will need is in this kit.

Here is what the kit looks like:

Again, this shim kit does not include a new valve cover gasket or valve cover bolt grommets. Chances are you can reuse your old valve cover gasket, but if you need a new gasket you can order it separately from RPM: Genuine Yamaha Valve Cover Gasket (
The 8 rubber grommets on the bolts that hold down the valve cover are often a source of oil leaks. Over the years they get hard and stop sealing. You can also order these from RPM: FJ Valve Cover Bolt Grommet (

2) Carb Sync Gauges, for all years FJ1100/1200.
(or any other motorcycle with more than one carb)
Synchronizing the throttle plates in the (4) FJ carburetors is the most important thing to do for a smooth running engine. This assures even airflow to all 4 cylinders critical for proper tuning.


The gauge kit comes with several different adaptors for use on different carbs. For the FJ carbs no adapters are required as the hose will plug directly onto the intake manifold nipples.


3) Engine Collar Bushing Puller (for only 1991/'92/'93 FJ1200)
The front engine collars on the rubber mount '91-'93 FJ1200 have steel bushings that needs removal for cleaning and lubricatation. Failure to do this will cause needless annoying engine vibrations.
Here is the discussion on how to remove the engine bushings on the 1991-1993 FJ for servicing:

How to: Engine mount bushing removal (

Chances are you don't need this tool, but if you have extremely stubborn bushings, bushings that are frozen in the mounting collars, you will strip the threads on your (soft) hardware store threaded rod, like this:


If this happens to you^^^ then you need this tool.

This tool is hard steel fine thread with a long threaded puller nut and comes with a 24mm deep socket.
Here's what it looks like:


Terms and Conditions:

Here are the terms and conditions for the different tool rentals.
1) Shim kit terms and conditions (
2) Carb sync gauge terms and conditions (
3) Engine collar bushing puller (;topicseen#msg166293)

Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before you sign up.
If in doubt, ask questions here.

First come, first served.  We will keep this waiting list current, as folks return the kit or tools, We will delete their names from this list.