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Title: 15% Discount
Post by: Marsh White on February 13, 2009, 07:24:51 PM has offered our group a 15% discount on all orders.

Coupon Code: fjowners

Upon checkout enter the code in the "Coupon or Discount Number" section at the bottom of the page to receive your discount.

(disclaimer: the owner of this website is a client of mine - I built the website for him many years ago)

My take on these windscreens:  These windscreens do NOT come drilled - you must do that yourself.  They are all hand made from forms that were taken off of various bikes over the years.  Depending on how accurate his form is for a particular bike, the better fitting the windscreen is.  I have had several over the years for the 89 and 92 FJs.  None of them have ever fit perfectly right away.  I always have to take a dremel tool with a sandpaper cylinder and take off a bit of plastic around the edges to get them to fit well.  Once fitted however, they are made of VERY high quality and thick plastic.  They are the only screens I have had on my FJs since I purchased them - they work great if you can get over the pain in the ass of fitting them.  YMMV.